Mr Ricky Reyes 

Founder & International President 
Asia Pacific Hairdressers & Cosmetologist Association

The founder of Philippines’ largest salon network and one of Forbes’ Heroes of Philanthropy. “Love your work, and your work will love you.” is his favourite quote. He keeps an ordinary day like everyone else, working to earn a living – and to indulge the small passions and pleasures.

Ricky Reyes' life is known to be extraordinary due to his arduous and determined climb from his modest beginnings and mission to share with others the fruits of his success. He is known as the hairdresser with a big heart, the founder of Isang Guting Isang Suklay, a most original and socially responsive livelihood project with a nationwide reach, and the other programs he has set up for squatter communities, street children and manually skilled but unschooled workers.

He is called “Mother Ricky” for he grew into the role as provider and nurturer, a role that would reach its apotheosis to a much larger family, which embraces servants, courtiers, and acquaintances and the thousands of employees, associations, patrons, and supports of the Ricky Reyes salons and humanitarian organisations. He reaches out to people in depressed communities in urban centers and in rural areas through his self-help and livelihood projects.

In the year 2000, Ricky Reyes celebrates his 30th year in the beauty business which he calls it as 30 years of magic and inspiration.


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