Mr Mike Li

Principal Consultant

While most of his peers were in high-flying positions, Mike Li was still in a government job, hogging on to his “iron rice bowl”.


Yearning for more in life and career, he took the initiative to constantly upgrade himself and build his personal brand. When an opportunity finally came, he took it with both hands and never looked back.


Today, Mike has coached, trained and spoken to thousands regionally, having coached a wide range of demography from students to C-Level Executives. He breaks all limiting beliefs behind thriving in an industry that places huge emphasis on age and transferable skills and experience.


Mike dedicates most of his time to improve the performance for them to live a live they deserve in the area of career, finances and relationships.


He is a certified Neuro-Linguisitcs Progamming (NLP) and International Coaching Federation (ICF) Coach, and has trained and coached both SMEs and MNCs across the region.


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