Ms Doria Tsf

Association of Beauty & Health Professional 

As an achiever, Doria is a person who will have the whole world make way for her when she is determined to reach her goal. Stepping into the field of beauty, she started her business six years ago thinking about what kind of brand value can best capture the dreams of young people.  Her love for beauty was her motivation to enter the industry, and she wants to help like-minded persons to be beautiful and healthy. Doria believes that skills and knowledge goes hand in hand. Setting herself as a role model, Doria embark on her journey to success through years of training, participating in competition, forums, associations, exhibitions and etc, eventually getting to where she is today. 


Years of persistence and hard work has earned her many college diplomas in various fields such as beauty, nutrition, makeup, cultural embroidery, business management, mass communication, including the creation of her own brand which service many sectors.


She also sits on the Association of International Beauty and Health Professionals (AIBP) Board serving multiple roles such as the Chairman of Singapore and the AIBP Overseas Business Expansion and Operation Director, the International Human (Beauty and Health) Olympic Organizing Committee, the Association of International Beauty and Health Associations, the Japan Association, and a member of the SPA and Wellness Association of Singapore.  


Doria believes and takes a hands-on approach to ensure every event achieves perfect results. With her expertise and leadership, she hopes to cultivate talents through the establishment of beauty and health international exchanges, aesthetic education, contributing to the flourish of the beauty and health industry.


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